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Asynchronous and Live Races

Asynchronous (async) races are run in the Jets of Time Discord often. Some are part of larger events and some are standalone. They are automated by discord-race-bot. Async races are sometimes restreamed on the Jets of Time Twitch channel; when that's planned, we'll ask for a video, preferably with only game audio. Other than that, restreams of async races will run much like those for live races (described below).

Players are allowed to pause their timer and take a break during an async. If you've done this in a video you're providing for a restream, please let the restreamer know when you took breaks so they can be edited out or otherwise handled.

Live races are also organized in the Discord, and are often restreamed on either the Jets of Time Twitch channel, or on the SpeedGaming channels. Generally, race rooms are organized on Racetime to synchronize timers.


The term “Restream” is used to refer to 2-4 racers' runs being broadcast together on another channel. Jets is usually restreamed on our twitch channel, but sometimes we will be broadcast on one of the Speedgaming channels.

A restream can be a live race or it can be a rebroadcast of several async videos. In the case of a live race, the runners will typically broadcast to their individual channels and the Restreamer - the person who is running the broadcast - will capture their streams for the main channel. Commentators' audio is captured over Discord.

Participating in Restreams

Some information adapted from Speedgaming. Thanks to smercjd for the original writeup in discord.

A Restream requires a Restreamer to run the stream on the main channel, one or more Commentators to provide a live play-by-play, a Tracker to observe and mark key items and checks the runners have completed, and Runners if it is a live race.

All participants in a restream should be ready 15-20 minutes prior to the race time. That means restreamers should have everything set up other than their captures (as the racers will usually begin their streams so they may be captured at this time) and the other crew (comms and trackers) should be ready and on discord.

If hosted on Jets of Time: Commentators and Trackers should join the “restreaming” voice chat channel, or join “General” and ask to be moved into “restreaming”. Anyone tracking but not commentating needs to have their microphone muted for the duration of the livestream.

If we are being restreamed on a Speedgaming channel: A bot of theirs will send a call invitation to the registered crew about 15 minutes prior to the start of the race.


A restreamer is only required (from within our community) for races run on our own channel. On SpeedGaming, they handle this part.

A restreamer needs a decent computer and internet connection in order to run the stream – you'll be pulling in all 2-4 streams from the runners, or playing 2-4 async race videos simultaneously, plus running Discord for commentary, and broadcasting both to Twitch and to Discord for the other members of the crew (the screen-sharing in Discord is important because it allows the rest of the crew to commentate and track the race live without stream delay).

We are working on a restream setup that uses a cloud service instead. As we transition to this, the requirements for restreamers will loosen.

As a restreamer:

  • You'll need access to create new tracker pages, or access to one you can reuse each race.
  • You'll need a stream key to broadcast to.
  • You'll need to set up tools for pulling in streams (streamlink and streamlink-twitch-gui for live races, at least).
  • You'll need to set up OBS with the tracker & layout and add and crop streams before the race starts.
  • You'll control audio levels between streams, Discord, your own mic, and any background music you play before or after the stream.

If you're interested in restreaming, please ask in Discord! There's more documentation than fits well here on the wiki.


Be ready in Discord voice chat 15-20 minutes before the race begins. If you need to confirm any information from the crew - such as how to pronounce their username or what their pronouns are - now's a great time to ask.

Things to remember when commentating:

  • Do an introduction after going live (ex: “Good evening and welcome to today's Jets of Time race. We're running [category] [take a minute to explain the category]). Introduce yourself, any co-commentators, and be sure to thank the rest of the crew as well.
  • Use the time runners are shopping and checking easy/free Key Items to explain the basics of Jets of Time. For example: “Jets of Time is an open-world Chrono Trigger randomizer. As you can see, our players begin with the winged Epoch and have access to two different eras. They're going to be looking for three combinations of characters and/or items to unlock a Go Mode.” etc. Otherwise, you don't need to explain the very basics of Jets, Chrono Trigger, or randomizers - unless someone asks.
  • Introduce the runners specifically, as they are the stars of the show. Good things to mention are how long the runner has been with the community and perhaps draw attention to particular strengths of that runner - maybe they are really good at overworld movement, or they have lightning-fast menu input, or are particularly strategic in battle.
  • Explain what is happening in the race, and don't worry if something comes off as obvious. There may be viewers unfamiliar with Jets of Time. Use your own knowledge of Jets to puzzle out what you think the racers' motivations are. It's okay if you're ultimately wrong - it makes for an exciting race when the runners keep everyone guessing.
  • Always feel free to banter with co-commentator if there is downtime, but keep it on-topic. You can also ask each other and chat questions about Chrono Trigger or Jets of Time specifically. While the runners are the stars of the race, it's also nice to involve the chat.
  • Praise runners for good decisions, but it's okay to question decisions you think might be poor, too. Just don't make it personal.
  • Stay professional. Don't play favorites among the runners, and don't use inappropriate language such as cursing or slurs. Treat co-commentators and chat participants with respect. If you need to step away from comms, let your partner know in a discord DM.
  • Do your best to keep track of everything happening in the race. That said, it can be difficult to see everything going on at once, especially if it's a 3- or 4-person race. Don't feel ashamed to asked the Tracker or chat for reminders.
  • Check a spoiler log if you need to (this can be especially helpful in Chronosanity races in which Key Items will show up without warning), but as forward knowledge can color your commentary, try not to lean on it too much.
  • To conclude the race, be sure to thank the runners and the crew again, and if there is something scheduled in the future, be sure to plug it (and include the channel on which it will feature). Invite anyone who is interested in learning Jets to join us in the discord, too!


As Tracker, you will join the same voice chat room in Discord as the commentators and will be watching the race live with their commentary. Depending on the race, you may be the one who rolls the race seed and distributes it to the runners (if in doubt, ask in discord). Make sure to mute your microphone before the stream goes live. You will be provided a link to the tracking page by the Restreamer. Click on key items and other checks as the runners gather them in order to update the tracker on-stream, and start the timer on the tracker and enter final times when the racers finish where applicable.

  • Do your best to pay close attention to when runners will pick up key items. This may be especially hectic at the start with early character pickups and quick checks such as Snail Stop and Carpenter's Wife. It's okay to ask chat for help if you missed something.
  • Feel free to keep a spoiler log on hand if that will help you track efficiently.


Runners should be ready 15-20 minutes prior to the stream like everyone else. Specifically, it's helpful to already be broadcasting to your personal channel so the restreamer can quickly crop you into the broadcast. Be sure to hit “start” so that you're on the Active/Wait screen. Someone on the crew will also provide you with a Racetime room you can join through your timer.

  • Don't cheat (hopefully this is obvious).
  • Whether live or from a VOD, the race should be presented with good quality game audio (if possible) and NO voice commentary. There are options in many streaming programs to record your own audio separately if you wish to stream with your own commentary but this is recommended for asyncs only.
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