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Trackers are tools that assist the runner with checks completed/available, items acquired, and characters acquired among other information. Some trackers require manual interaction, some can automatically track based on the current state of the game.

Available Trackers

EmoTracker - EmoTracker is a multi-game tracker platform for Windows. The Jets of Time EmoTracker pack supports items and character tracking as well as map/location tracking for multiple game modes. This pack supports autotracking.
The EmoTracker package manager contains many options for Jets of Time.

PopTracker - PopTracker is similar to EmoTracker, though more barebones, and compatible with many of its packs. Notably, it works on systems other than Windows, and enables full-fledged map tracking on those platforms. PopTracker can connect to either QUsb2snes or to SNI, both of which can connect to snes9x-rr on Windows or to RetroArch wherever (so long as it has a recent enough version and is running a compatible core, i.e. a bsnes-mercury core). For Linux users, a recommended setup is: PopTracker (which has to be compiled by hand for most users) + SNI (there is a downloadable binary on their site) + RetroArch (for a recent enough version, using a snap may be ideal on dpkg-based systems that often have older versions, such as Ubuntu).

The PopTracker pack can be downloaded from the github page.

Web Based Autotracker - Hosted on the domain, this tracker is based off of the EmoTracker Items Only variant. Autotracking is supported through QUsb2Snes.

Older Versions

Web Based tracker by Fleury14 - Web based tracker for the 2.x version of the randomizer. Features item, character, and location tracking by time period.

Web Based tracker by Tekenu - Web based tracker for the 2.x version of the randomizer. Features item, character, and time period tracking.

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