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There are a number of shops throughout the game; in Jets of Time they will have randomized contents, and depending on flags, they may also have randomized or free prices.

Shops contain equipment and items.

Shop Location Time Period Tier Guaranteed Items
Truce 600AD Regular
Arris Dome 2300AD Regular
Dorino 600AD Regular
Porre 600AD Regular
Porre 1000AD Regular
Choras Inn 1000AD Regular
Choras 600AD Regular
Millennial Fair (Armor) 1000AD Regular
Millennial Fair (Items) 1000AD Regular
Melchior's Hut 1000AD Good
Ioka Village 65000000BC Good
Kajar (Nu) #1 12000BC Good
Enhasa 12000BC Good
Earthbound Village 12000BC Good
Trann Dome 2300AD Good
Medina 1000AD Good
Fiona's Shrine 1000AD Good Lapis
Truce (Fritz) 1000AD Good Lapis
Kajar (Nu) #2 12000BC Best Amulet
Black Omen (Nu) N/A Best Amulet
Millennial Fair (Melchior) 1000AD Special (see below)

Melchior's Shop

Melchior's shop at the Millennial Fair in 1000AD is guaranteed to have exactly 7 items: 1 katana (for Crono), 1 sword (for Frog), 1 arm (for Robo), 1 gun (for Lucca), 1 bow (for Marle), Revives, and Shelters.

The weapons are chosen from the following, all of which are near the middle of each character's list.

For Crono: Flint Edge, Dark Saber, or Aeon Blade
For Frog: Flash Blade, Pearl Edge, Rune Blade, or Demon Hit
For Robo: Stone Arm, Doom Finger, or Magma Hand
For Lucca: Ruby Gun, Dream Gun, or Megablast
For Marle: Sage Bow, Dream Bow, or Comet Arrow

Nu Shops

The Nu in Kajar (12000BC) has two shops: one when talked to from the side (marked #1 above) and one when talked to from above (marked #2 above). They will have different items, and are in different tiers, as detailed in the table above.

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