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There are a variety of flags available in Jets of Time. These configure the behavior of the randomizer. Usually, several are combined together into categories (aka flagsets or presets). This page describes the individual flags, while the categories page describes the most commonly used standard presets.


  • Enemy Difficulty: Normal (n, default) or Hard (h) - Hard provides a buff to enemy stats. Normal is the default and makes no changes.
  • Item Difficulty: Easy (e), Normal (n), Hard (h) - Changes the amount and quality of loot dropped from enemies and chests. Hard item difficulty also adjusts the prices of some common items and reduces the starting money to 10,000.
  • Game Mode:
    • Standard: The default option with the default goals. Leave unchanged unless you want to play one of the special modes.
    • Lost Worlds: Begin with access to Prehistory, Dark Ages, and Future. You won't ever visit Middle Ages or Present. Otherwise, complete checks and finish the game as normal.
    • Ice Age: Recruit Ayla and the Dactyl Nest character and complete the game through Tyrano Lair and Mt. Woe.
    • Legacy of Cyrus: Recruit Frog and Magus, collect the Hero Medal and Grand Leon, power up the Grand Leon at Northern Ruins, and complete the game via Magus's Castle and Ozzie's Fort.
    • Vanilla Rando: All enemy, character, tech, and item stats are restored to their vanilla values. In addition, some extra content and key items from vanilla are patched back into the game.
  • Disable Glitches (g): This removes the ability to use most glitches used in vanilla speedruns.
  • Boss Scaling (b): Bosses that block progression items are buffed.
  • Early Pendant Charge (p): Rather than heading to Zeal, the pendant will become charged upon finishing the Trial and being warped to 2300 A.D
  • Unlocked Magic (m): Characters will learn all their techs without needing to visit Spekkio at the End of Time.
  • Chronosanity (cr): Enable the Chronosanity Category.
  • Randomize Bosses (ro): Shuffles most bosses with slight buffs/nerfs.
  • Zeal 2 As Final Boss (z): Defeating Zeal 2 at the end of Black Omen will count as the win condition rather than needing to defeat Lavos.
  • Locked Characters (c): The characters in Dactyl Nest and Proto Dome are made harder to unlock by requiring the Dreamstone and completion of the Factory, respectively.
  • Make all treasures tabs aka tabsanity (tb): All items in chests (except rocks) are replaced by tabs, except if Chronosanity (cr) is also enabled, in which case some chests will still contain Key Items.
  • Duplicate Characters (dc): Palette swapped version of each character may become avaliable, leading to a variety of different party composition and character builds. Configure further on the Duplicate Characters Tab.
  • Mystery Seed: Generate a seed with randomized flags. Part of the challenge is figuring out which categories you're playing! Configure further on the Mystery Seed Tab.
  • Randomize Gear (q): Randomize numbers and extra effects on equipped items.
  • Randomize Healing Items (h): Randomize efficacy and/or effect of healing items.
  • Epoch Fail (ef): The Epoch will begin in 1000 AD (it's on the peninsula by the Magic Cave's location in 600), but without wings. To earn its wings, find the “Jets of Time” key item and bring it to Dalton at the Snail Stop in
  • Shop Prices: Normal, Free (spf), Mostly Random (spm), Fully Random (spr).
    • Normal: Item prices are not randomized (default).
    • Free: Every item in every shop costs only 1G.
    • Fully Random: All item prices are fully randomized.
    • Mostly Random: As above, but Mid Tonics, Ethers, Heals, Revives, and Shelters are exempt.
  • Tech Randomizer: Fully Random tech order (te), Balanced Random (tex)
    • Normal: Tech order is not randomized.
    • Fully Random: Tech order is completely randomized (default).
    • Balanced Random: Techs are random, but are weighted by usefulness so that more powerful techs tend to turn up later.


  • Power Tab Min: Integer between 1-9. Default is 2.
  • Power Tab Max: Integer between 1-9. Default is 4.
  • Magic Tab Min: Integer between 1-9. Default is 1.
  • Magic Tab Max: Integer between 1-9. Default is 3.
  • Speed Tab Min: Integer between 1-9. Default is 1.
  • Speed Tab Max: Integer between 1-9. Default is 1.

Duplicate Chars

  • Select which characters can turn into other characters: By default, every checkbox in this 7×7 matrix is selected, which means any character can turn into any other character (or remain themselves). Uncheck boxes to impose further restrictions on available characters.
  • Duplicate Dual Techs: Off by default. When enabled, you may use the Duplicate Dual Techs if you have two of the same character in your party.

Boss Rando

  • Legacy Boss Placement: Forces bosses back into their (much less flexible) legacy Boss Rando placements.
  • Boss Spot HPs: Changes HP values in the 3.2 Boss Rando to fixed numbers based on location, instead of scaling it based on level.

Quality of Life

  • Sightscope Always On: Disabled by default. When enabled, the player will always be able to view enemy HP as if a Sightscope were equipped, even if one is not.
  • Boss Sightscope: Disabled by default. When enabled, the player will be able to peek at boss HP with the Sightscope effect (whether enabled via the flag above or an equipped accessory).
  • Fast Tabs: Disabled by default. When enabled, players may move immediately after picking up a Tab instead of waiting for the fanfare to finish playing.
  • Free Menu Glitch: Disabled by default. When enabled, it extends two of the menu glitch windows to make them easier to achieve: the first between Lavos 2 and Lavos 3, and the second between Zeal 1 and the Mammon Machine.


  • Zenan Alt Battle Music: Replaces the default battle theme with the unreleased (but present on the cartridge and OST) Battle 2.
  • Death Peak Alt Music: Replaces the default theme (Silent Light) with the unused Singing Mountain on Death Peak (note: while there is no evidence that this is the intended location for Singing Mountain, the Jets developers wanted to find somewhere to show off this lovely track!).
  • Quiet Mode: Formerly the q flag. Turns off music entirely.


The Extra flags change up game play in interesting ways that don't quite fit with the other flag categories. Some of these bring back changes from older versions of the randomizer, and some are just a bit esoteric. New flags that have yet to be sufficiently tested might appear here as well.

  • Use Anti-Life: Anti-Life is a powerful, single target, non-elemental spell which also kills its user. If enabled, this will replace Black Hole in Magus's tech list.
  • Tackle On-Hit Effects: Allow Robo Tackle to gain the on-hit effect of weapons, most notably, the Crisis Arm.
  • Starters Sufficient: Logically you can complete both Black Omen and Ocean Palace Go Mode with only your two starting characters. Nothing needed will be locked behind anyone else.
  • Bucket List: Enables Objectives. Initially designed as a Chronosanity failsafe to give players an alternate route to Lavos via “bucket fragments.” Toggle this on to enable the Bucket tab.
    • Required Fragments: The number of fragments required to assemble the bucket. Default is 10. Value may be any whole number between 0-50.
    • Extra Fragments: The number of extra fragments which exist in the world on top of the minimum value needed. Default is 5. Value may be any whole number between 0-50.
  • Tech Damage Rando:: Shuffles the existing power values between all of the player characters' Techs.
  • Element Rando: Shuffles elemental assignments amongst the player characters. Some techs are renamed for a new element, but the basic structure of a character's Tech list remains the same.
    • Enable Clear Magic: Elemental combinations of only Lightning and Shadow will do non-elemental damage instead of Shadow damage.


When setting the numbers for a Mystery Seed, enter values between 0-100 to set the probability of that option being chosen. These are not strictly percentages, but if you make sure your numbers in a single set always add up to 100, you may use them that way if it's easier to understand. For each category of flags here (with the exception of “Flag Probabilities,” the contents of which are decided independently of one another), the probability of any flag being chosen is x/y, where x is the value entered for that flag and y is the sum of all values entered under that set of flags.

  • Game Modes
    • Standard: (default 75)
    • Lost Worlds: (default 25)
    • Legacy of Cyrus: (default 0)
    • Ice Age: (default 0)
  • Item Difficulty
    • Easy: (default 15)
    • Normal: (default 70)
    • Hard: (default 15)
  • Enemy Difficulty
    • Normal: (default 75)
    • Hard: (default 25)
  • Tech Order
    • Normal: (default 10)
    • Fully Random: (default 80)
    • Balanced Random: (default 10)
  • Shop Prices
    • Normal: (default 70)
    • Random: (default 10)
    • Mostly Random: (default 10)
    • Free: (default 10)
  • Flag Probabilities
    • Tab Treasures: default 10%
    • Unlocked Magic: default 50%
    • Bucket Fragments: default 15%
    • Chronosanity: default 30%
    • Boss Rando: default 50%
    • Boss Scaling: default 30%
    • Locked Characters: default 25%
    • Duplicate Characters: default 25%


More details on the possible Objectives are on the Bucket List page.

  • Number of Objectives: Default 5, between 1-8.
  • Number Required: Default 4, between 1-8.
  • Disable other Go Modes: Disabled by default. When enabled, objectives unlock the Bucket at the End of Time and the other routes to the end of the game are closed.
  • Objectives Auto-win: Disabled by default. When enabled, the game will be won immediately when enough objectives are completed (ie after completing a boss battle).
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