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List commonly used terms (including slang) with respect to the randomizer here.


Short for “asynchronous,” meaning not taking place at the same time. We use the word “async” to refer to a seed that participants may play offline at any time, typically submitting their finish time to the discord bot when finished. It is okay to pause async seeds to take a break.


A category is a particular combination of flags in Jets of Time that creates a given play experience. As opposed to a single flag, something that is labeled a category should have a significant effect on the gameplay experience: your method of gathering Key Items and/or your goal will be different from other modes.


To perform a “check” is to finish an action in the game that will grant you a Key Item when you finish. This could be through a sidequest, such as the Sunken Desert; a dungeon, such as Denadoro Mountains; or an interaction with an NPC, such as purchasing from the Snail Stop vendor or receiving an item from the carpenter's wife. Typically a player wants to finish their seed performing as few checks as possible.


A flag is a single toggle for a feature in Jets of Time. Some popular flags include Boss Randomization and Duplicate Characters. A single flag is different from a category in that while each category is a somewhat unique game experience, flags like these can be added or removed from a category independently to further customize the seed.


From the film/animation term, one of many still pictures that makes up the moving picture. Timing windows or duration of effects will often be expressed in frames. Chrono Trigger runs at 60 frames per second, so a single frame is 1/60 or .0167 seconds.


A Gate is a time portal in Chrono Trigger that connects two points in different times. In Jets, Gates aren't used much as the Epoch is available from the start, but a few of them may need to be entered to unlock new time periods for the first time. In Lost Worlds, Gates are used to bring the player to the Millennial Fair for shopping.

Go Mode

To be in “Go Mode” means that you have fulfilled all of the requirements towards at least one method of finishing the game and may pursue that path at any time. Standard Jets of Time has three Go Modes: Tyrano Lair to Ocean Palace, Death Peak to Black Omen, and Magus's Castle to Ocean Palace.

Grand Hero Frog

A term for running Frog with both the Grand Leon and the Hero Medal. Due to the efficacy of this equipment, Frog in this state is much stronger than typical.

Jet Seed

A “jet seed” is a seed in which Go Mode is achieved far sooner than typical - for example, the first three checks yielding three matching Go Mode items. They can be completed very quickly, but are often dangerous as the player may not have had time to accrue items and protective gear.


A “pixel” is a small square of a single color and is the smallest visual unit as part of a digital display. Chrono Trigger runs at a resolution of 256×224 pixels. On many modern displays that can run at sizes several times higher, it's not difficult to discern individual pixels.

Many tricks and battle skips require knowing where not to step onscreen, and learning which pixels are safe and which aren't can be beneficial.


“Randomizer” is the word that refers both to the version of the game that has been shuffled (Jets of Time is a Chrono Trigger Randomizer) and the software that accepts a vanilla ROM and does the shuffling. Randomizers are gaining a lot of popularity among gamers and Jets of Time is just one of many! The randomized parts of play depend on the individual game; Jets of Time typically randomizes chest contents, Key Items, characters, tech order, and can do more. Many people enjoy randomizers both because they create an environment where speedrunning becomes more than simply memorizing input and they inject fresh playability into many of the older games that we treasured growing up.


Tabsanity is an alternate name for the 'tb' flag.

Crabsanity is a Category which has both the 'cr' (chronosanity) and 'tb' (all treasures tabs) flags on, a portmanteau of “chronosanity” and “tabsanity”.

Tier (Treasure)

Treasure (including gear and consumables) is categorized into six tiers: Low, Passable, Mid, Good, High, and Awesome. Chests and other places where treasure can be acquired are also separated into tiers and these control which randomized items you might find in those places.


An analog for “plain flavor,” the word “vanilla” is used to refer both to the unaltered Chrono Trigger game, or in cases while playing the randomizer when something shows up exactly where you'd expect it - such as recruiting Marle as the character who reappears in Guardia Castle or receiving the Ruby Knife after completing Mt. Woe. Sometimes the term “French Vanilla” will be used when a different variety of the correct treasure/boss/character (etc) is found in the spot you'd expect - for example, fighting Nizbel II in Reptite Lair or Nizbel I in Tyrano Lair.

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