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This is about beta content!

This article or section is about one or more features from an upcoming release of Jets of Time. The information presented is still subject to change. The content on this page should be re-verified once it has been released.

Mystery Seed

Mystery Seed is currently a beta feature. You can access the Jets of Time 3.2 beta here.

A Mystery Seed is a Jets of Time run in which figuring out which category you are playing and which flags are enabled is part of the challenge. For example, a good way to figure out if you are playing a Chronosanity seed (and thus will have to pay attention to treasure chests for progression) is to quickly check Snail Stop and the Carpenter's Wife - if one of them gives you a non-Key Item, you're playing Chronosanity. Figure out your conditions and find the correct way to win the seed!

Relative Frequencies of Selections

Each row in this section is made up of several flags which are mutually exclusive from one another, each with a text box in which you can input a non-negative integer. This number indicates the weight of that option, which means the higher the number, the more likely it is that flag will be selected when the seed is generated. The overall likelihood of an option being chosen over the rest of its row is that flag's value out of the total value of the row. In the example image to the left, standard game mode has been given a value of 75 and Lost Worlds has been given a value of 25. Legacy of Cyrus and Ice Age have values of 0, so they will not be rolled. The total value of the row is 100, so there is a 75/100 chance to roll a standard seed and a 25/100 chance to roll a Lost Worlds seed.

The total of the rows may equal any sum, not just 100 as shown here. A feature is planned that will show the percentage chance of all options no matter the value of the row.

Probability to Enable Flag

The flags in this section may all be enabled or disabled regardless of which other flags are rolled. Enter a value between 0 and 1, up to two decimal places, to determine the chance by percent that the generated seed will use that flag. For example, the 0.1 in the “TabTreas” slot (tabsanity, tb) means there is a 10% chance of rolling a tabsanity seed.


Check the flags page for more detailed information on each.

Game modes

  • Std: Standard
  • LW: Lost Worlds
  • LoC: Legacy of Cyrus
  • IA: Ice Age

Item Difficulty

  • Easy (e)
  • Normal (n)
  • Hard (h)

Enemy Difficulty

  • Normal (n)
  • Hard (h)

Tech Order

  • Normal
  • Full Random (te)
  • Balanced Random (tex)

Shop Prices

  • Norm: Normal
  • Random (spr)
  • MostlyRand: Mostly Random (spm)
  • Free (spf)

Probability to Enable Flag

  • TabTreas: All treasure is tabs/“Tabsanity” (tb)
  • UnlockMag: Magic is unlocked without visiting Spekkio (m)
  • BucketFrag: Bucket Fragments are on (this is an upcoming feature still in early beta)
  • Chronosanity: Progress may be hidden in treasure chests (cr)
  • Boss Rando: Certain bosses are shuffled (ro)
  • Boss Scale: Bosses that block progression items are buffed (b)
  • LockChars: Additional tasks needed to unlock Dactyl/Proto characters (c)
  • DupeChars: Multiple versions of a single character may be available (dc)

Any flags not listed above are not randomized for a Mystery Seed, but they still may be toggled on or off before you generate.

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