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Duplicate Characters

The duplicate characters flag (dc) enables characters to show up in the seed in more than one slot. Because certain characters are required for some questlines and every Jets of Time seed may be 100% completed, this is handled in the following way: each character is shuffled at the beginning of a seed as normal, and these characters retain their name. The name of the character controls their ability to unlock questlines; the character with the default name of “Frog” will be the character who needs to come to the Magic Cave to open up Magus's Castle, for example.

When the flag is enabled, other characters may be shuffled into these slots at random. So while there will only be one character named “Frog” by default, and that character will keep that name, any of the other 6 could come into the slot. They will have their own sprite, but with Frog's color palette. The sprite determines which character's techs they can learn and which items they may equip.

The flag can be applied using default random settings, or a player may further control manually which characters are in the seed and how many of them appear.

Duplicate Character Sprites

🠺 Takes Place Of
🠻 Actual

Duplicate Dual Techs

Duplicate Dual Techs is an optional flag that may be turned on when playing with Duplicate Characters. It is not enabled by default. This flag allows the player to use new, custom dual techs with two of the same character. Both characters must know the required single tech.

List of Duplicate Dual Techs

Tech Description Character Tech (MP) Change from Vanilla
Crono Cross Physical, single-target Crono Spincut (6) Replaces X-Strike
Uses Spincut instead of Cyclone
Haste All Support, full-party
Cast Haste on all allies
Marle Haste (6)
Glacier Water, single-target Marle Ice 2 (8) 50% damage boost
Protect All Support, full-party
Cast Protect on all allies
Lucca Protect (6)
Point Flare Fire, single-target Lucca Fire 2 (8) 50% damage boost
Super Volt Lightning, all enemies Robo Shock (12)
Flexgon Mist Water, all enemies Frog Water 2 (8)
Beast Toss Physical, single-target
Some enemies can't be tossed
Ayla Rock Throw (6)

Battle with Magus

The battle against Magus is always randomized in Jets. When the Duplicate Characters flag is enabled, the enemy Magus will appear as one of the characters who have already been shuffled. It's important to note that here, Magus will NOT cast his ultimate tech based on the character whose sprite he shares - he will cast it based on the character whose palette he shares. So, for example, if your Magus looks like Crono, but he has Lucca's palette (orange clothes, pink hair), his ultimate tech will be Flare, not Luminaire.

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