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Standard Race Flags

Jets of Time has many flags to choose from when rolling a seed. The recommended flagset for learning the game is the Standard Race Flags preset. This preset includes:

  • Normal Difficulty: This is the default setting and controls enemy stats as well as the quality of treasure received from chests and bosses. Easy difficulty increases the quality of treasure, but does not weaken enemies; hard difficulty both reduces the quality of treasure and increases the power of enemies.
  • Disabled Glitches: Disables many of the glitches used in vanilla speedruns including save anywhere and the unequip glitch. Jets of Time is designed to mimic the classic gameplay of Chrono Trigger. The menu glitch is not disabled.
  • Zeal II as Final Boss: Players will not have to go on to fight Lavos after defeating the second form of Queen Zeal in Black Omen Go Mode and will instead view an ending immediately. The purpose of this flag is to balance the difficulty between the two final dungeons.
  • Early Pendant Charge: The Pendant will be charged and ready to open sealed doors and treasure chests as soon as the player unlocks access to the future. The player would otherwise have to wait until Go Mode and entering Zeal to charge it at the Mammon Machine.
  • Fully Random Tech Order: Each character's tech list is the same as in vanilla, but the order they are granted is fully shuffled.

These flags form the core standard of the Jets of Time metagame.

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