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All Changes from Vanilla

This page is an index of the changes to Jets from vanilla Chrono Trigger. Information here should also be reflected on its specific subject page whenever possible.

General Gameplay

When push the shell, climb the shell comes up in Boss Randomizer, you may be pushing a piece of a mutant or skeleton instead, and it's hard to see where to line it up with the ladder. Push the sprite as far to the right as it will go and as far up as it will go and it will be in position.

Collecting the Sun Stone does not require the player to retrieve it from Porre in 1000 AD. Set the Moon Stone in the Sun Keep in Prehistory and it will be ready in 2300 AD. Lucca is not a required character to complete the quest.

Robo is not required to complete Geno Dome.

Robo is required to complete the Sunken Desert quest, but Lucca is not.

Player Character Techs

While Crono, Lucca, Marle, and Frog still must visit Spekkio to unlock magic, they will learn 3 techs before meeting him instead of 2.

Many techs have undergone small alterations for the sake of balance. Most information is on that page. The list here includes cases notable enough to draw extra attention to.

Cure 2 as used by Marle or Frog cures status effects as well as restoring HP.

X-Strike (Crono and Frog) changed to use Spincut (from Cyclone) and Leap Slash (from Slurp Cut).

Enemies and Attacks

Obstacle: Normally Obstacle inflicts Chaos on all party members. In Jets, the status effect is randomly selected. It can be Chaos, Lock, Slow, Stop, or Sleep. Lavos's first two forms will use Obstacle, as will Mutants. It can be cast as “Chaotic Zone” but has the same randomized effect.

Magus's Ultimate Tech: Magus (the boss, not the playable character) is randomized so he may appear to be himself, or as any of the other 6 playable characters. The ultimate attack can be any of Luminaire, Flare, Hexagon Mist, Dark Matter, or Energy Release (non-elemental).

Black Tyrano's Breath: Black Tyrano normally uses Fire-elemental attacks: a single-target attack when not in its countdown phase, and one attacking the entire party when its countdown reaches 0. In Jets it may be any element.

Enemy Formations: Son of Sun has only 4 Flares instead of 5 so that finding the correct Flare is faster. Additionally, in the Factory, there are only 4 R-Series robots the player must battle.

Removed Bosses: Some boss triggers have been removed to streamline gameplay. Some of these bosses return in Boss Randomization mode. In standard race flags, players will not battle against Mud Imp & Beasts, Dalton (original version), Atropos XR, or Mega Mutant. Two of the Lavos Spawn have been removed from Death Peak; only the one just before the summit is battled. Since the Blackbird is removed, Dalton Plus and Golem Boss won't show up.

Items and Equipment

Dummied out: Some items that were left in the game's code but dummied out are available in Jets. These include: Crono's Dark Saber, Lucca's PicoMagnum and Graedus, and the SeraphSong Accessory.

In addition, several balance changes have been made to equipment. They are too numerous to list here, but check the equipment page to see all of them.

Tabs: In vanilla, each tab increases its stat by a value of 1. In Jets, all tab values are configurable from values of 1 to 9, but the defaults are:

  • Speed Tabs: 1
  • Power Tabs: Random value from 2-4
  • Magic Tabs: Random value from 1-3

All enemies drop treasure at a 100% rate (in vanilla, the rate is very high but not guaranteed). With randomized treasure, this helps the balance during races, especially when bosses can drop items that might be critical to the run like Prism Specs.

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