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This is about beta content!

This article or section is about one or more features from an upcoming release of Jets of Time. The information presented is still subject to change. The content on this page should be re-verified once it has been released.

Beta Tracker Pack

There is not currently a beta tracker pack. Another will be created and advertised when the next Jets of Time beta begins.

The EmoTracker Beta Tracker Pack for Jets of Time is a version of the tracker pack that includes support for Jets of Time beta features. It has not been officially released on the EmoTracker package manager and must either be installed manually or via adding an additional repository to the package manager.

If you find a bug in the tracker pack, please report it in the Jets of Time discord, and not the EmoTracker discord.

Installation Options

There are two different methods of installing the beta pack.

  1. Added via custom repository
  2. Manual installation

Custom Repository

It is possible to add additional, custom repositories to EmoTracker. Doing so will allow you to use the standard EmoTracker package manager interface to download the beta pack. You will be automatically notified when updates are available.

Custom repositories are stored in the EmoTracker application settings file: Documents\EmoTracker\application_settings.json

Add the following URL to the package_repositories.

  "package_repositories": [

Restart EmoTracker and the beta pack will automatically show up in your Emotracker Package Manager.

Manual Installation

Manual installation doesn't require modifying any settings files, but these steps will have to be followed every time there is a new release. You won't be automatically notified of updates.

  1. Copy the file ( to the folder Documents\EmoTracker\packs
  2. Restart EmoTracker
  3. The pack will show up as “Jets of Time Tracker Beta” in your installed package list
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