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snes9x-rr: Preferred for Jets of Time due to its EmoTracker Lua integration. For the tracker to work, you need to be using snes9x-rr, which is linked here. Make sure to use the 32-bit version of the emulator. The drawback is that this build is currently Windows-only.

snes9x: This release of snes9x doesn't support EmoTracker, but it will run on platforms other than Windows (which is the version at the linked site).
MacOS: on github
Linux builds are available on a google site linked from the main snes9x site, as well as on Flathub, or can be built from source.

retroarch: Supports a variety of pluggable 'cores' for a wide variety of systems and types of emulation. For systems other than Windows, it is the main way to set up autotracking. Newer versions are preferred. For autotracking, you'll want to use a “bsnes-mercury” based core.

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