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Equipment & Items


Most of the equipment in Jets of Time is equivalent to vanilla Chrono Trigger. That said, some changes have been made to improve game balance, and there are also items available that were dummied out in the original game. In addition, equipment in Jets is separated into tiers which dictate where and how often those items are available.

Gear can also be randomized using the Randomize Gear (GEAR_RANDO) flag.


Most items are similarly equivalent to vanilla Chrono Trigger. The largest change is that many prices have been adjusted for balance. Some tabs may also give more than one stat point (see their page for more info).

Power, Magic, and Speed tab locations

Consumable items are largely equivalent to vanilla Chrono Trigger, though some of their prices have changed. They are also separated into tiers. This is not true when playing with the Randomize Healing Items (ITEM_RANDO) flag.

Consumable Item Price Effect Tier
Tonic 10 Heals 50 HP Low
Mid Tonic 100 Heals 200 HP Low/Passable
Heal 10 Removes negative status effect Low
Revive 1000 Revives fallen party member Low
Shelter 1200 Heals full HP/MP to all party members at save points/world map Low
Power Meal 2 Randomly heals HP, MP, or recovers Lock. Re-randomizes every time menu is reloaded Low
Ether 80 Heals 10 MP Passable
Full Tonic 5000 Heals 500 HP Mid/Good
Mid Ether 3000 Heals 30 MP Mid
Lapis 10000 Heals 200 HP to all party members Mid
Barrier 2000 Casts Barrier (1/3 Magic Dmg Reduction) Mid
Shield 2000 Casts Shield (1/3 Physical Dmg Reduction) Mid
Full Ether 6000 Heals 50 MP Good
HyperEther 8000 Heals full MP Good/High
Elixir 15000 Heals full HP/MP High/Awesome
Power Tab 10 Adds Power (see Description for value) High
Magic Tab 10 Adds Magic (see Description for value) High
Speed Tab 10 Adds Speed (see Description for value) High
MegaElixir 50000 Heals full HP/MP to all party members Awesome

Treasure & Tiers

The contents of treasure chests in Jets of Time are determined by random roll, based on the difficulty of the seed and the “tier” or level of the chest as Jets has defined it. On the list of probabilities of chest contents you can see the odds of different types of items being rolled depending on the difficulty setting in use (as “easy” grants the player better items on average and “hard” does the opposite). The master list of chests also lists each chest by tier.

In general, the chests within a single area in the game will be comparable to the others in that area. There may be a few that are harder to get that are higher level that players will want to go out of their way for (one early example is that while the majority of chests in Denadoro Mountains are in the “passable” tier, but the two chests that can be found by leaping down the waterfall are in the “mid” tier, one level higher.

Knowledge of treasure tiers and the areas which grant better treasure can help players streamline their routing while still maximizing the odds of picking up helpful equipment.

Item Descriptions

Item descriptions have been altered as of Jets of Time 3.2 to provide the player with more accurate information on how the items work. This is both to clarify some of the murky descriptions from the original SNES translation and to enable players to quickly understand the effects of randomized gear.

These description changes are always enabled whether gear rando is turned on or not. Because of the strict character limit, Jets of Time uses a standardized shorthand.

  • A: Attack Power
  • C: Critical Hit Rate
  • Mg: Magic Power
  • D: Defense Power
  • Md: Magic Defense
  • Hi: Hit
  • Sp: Speed
  • St: Stamina
  • Evd: Evade
  • R: Elemental Resistance
    • Fi (Fire), Wa (Water), Li (Lightning), Sh (Shadow)
  • P: Status Protection
    • Blind, Chaos, HPDown, Poison, Lock, Slow, Stop, Sleep
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