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Legacy Boss Randomization

This page documents our Legacy Boss Randomization from version 3.1.1 of Jets of Time. Version 3.2 Boss Randomization was completely reworked.

Shuffled Bosses

Currently, the single-target bosses in the randomized pool are: Yakra, Heckran, Masa&Mune, Nizbel, Slash, Flea, Nizbel II, Golem, Dalton Plus, Golem Twins*, Golem Boss, Dalton Plus, Super Slash, Flea Plus, Rust Tyrano, Atropos XR, and Yakra XIII.

*This is treated not as a double-target boss, but a single-target boss in duplicate in most cases (see notes on single-target locations below). The boss shuffled into its spot will be fought twice at once. That means there are two single-target Golems within the shuffled pool.

Double-target bosses in the randomized pool are: Zombor, Lavos Spawn, Mega Mutant, Giga Mutant, Terra Mutant, and Elder Lavos Spawn.

Range-based HP

When Boss Randomization is enabled, the HP of that boss slot is also randomized within a set range. The bottom of the range is the HP of the boss that would normally be there and the upper range is the vanilla boss's HP x 1.5 within increments of 200. For example, Heckran in Heckran's Cave has 2100 HP normally. 2100 x 1.5 = 3150, so a boss in that spot can have 2100 HP, 2300, 2500, etc all the way up to 3100. The exception to this rule is Rust Tyrano, who requires more HP to be an effective challenge. Rust Tyrano will use the vanilla boss's HP x 1.5 as the bottom of its range and vanilla boss's HP x 2 as the top, also within increments of 200. In Heckran's Cave it would have between 3150 and 4150 HP.

The table in the next section contains HP ranges for bosses in each location. The column with RT denotes the values for Rust Tyrano.

Location Tiers

Each location a boss can be shuffled into has a numerical tier. This tier is compared with the tier of the boss that goes into that spot to determine its power, drops, etc. There are fewer locations than there are randomized bosses.

In the case of the Golem Twins' spot, it is possible to meet a double-target boss there, though rare: an exception was added to Jets of Time after Dalton Plus was deemed too terrible to fight twice at once, so if the seed wanted him in that spot, it will swap him for one of the double-target bosses instead.

The below table lists the power of the tiers as well as the HP ranges for that slot.

Single-Target Bosses

Tier Location Vanilla Boss HP Range HP Range (RT)
0 Cathedral Yakra 920 - 1320 1380 - 1780
1 Heckran Cave Heckran 2100 - 3100 3150 - 4150
1 Denadoro Mountains Masa&Mune 3600 - 5400 5400 - 7200
2 Reptite Lair Nizbel 5000 - 7400 7500 - 9900
2 Magus's Castle Slash 4000 - 6000 6000 - 8000
2 Magus's Castle Flea 3800 - 5600 5700 - 7500
2 Tyrano Lair Nizbel II 5400 - 8000 8100 - 10,700
2 Guardia Castle (1000) Yakra XIII 4500 - 6700 6750 - 8950
2 Giant's Claw Rust Tyrano 5000 - 7400 7500 - 9900
3 Zeal Palace Golem 6000 - 9000 9000 - 12,000
4 Ocean Palace Golem Twins 7000 - 10,400 10,500 - 13,900

Double-Target Bosses

Tier Location Vanilla Boss
0 Zenan Bridge Zombor
2 Death Peak Lavos Spawn
4 Black Omen Giga Mutant
4 Black Omen Terra Mutant
4 Black Omen Elder Lavos Spawn

Randomized Boss Scaling

Bosses moved into positions other than their vanilla position have their stats scaled in a couple of ways. This ensures that they keep their basic strengths/weaknesses (for example, a boss with high physical defense and low magical defense will remain that way relatively) while being an appropriate level for where they appear.

This is different from the scaling that takes place when using the Hard mode (h) flag and the scaling that takes place when using the Boss Scaling (b) flag.

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