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Heckran Cave

Heckran Cave is a dungeon found in 1000 AD. It is on the Medina continent at the base of the mountain north of Melchior's hut. It contains a Key Item check; make your way through the dungeon and defeat Heckran, then jump into the pool of water. It will take you near to Lucca's house (Note: If you become stuck in the whirlpool, save and reset to fix). Enter and speak to Taban to receive the item.

It is notable amongst early-game areas for its relatively high TP yields, but unfortunately none of the battles inside can be repeated.

Requirements: None in standard flags. Heckran Cave may be completed as soon as Jets of Time begins (this is not the case in Lost Worlds).

Recommendations: Be able to clear enemies with a full-screen magical damage tech. Many of the enemies in the cave are heavily resistant to physical damage. The boss, Heckran, is also resistant to physical attacks and should be damaged magically.



HP Def MDef XP TP Gold
2100 253 50 600 10 1500

Light Water Fire Shadow Tossable
100% 100% 100% 100% Yes
No Status Vulnerabilities

Heckran's defense is quite high, so defeat him with magical damage of any or no element.

Heckran attacks with Water-based magic and occasionally his claws. He will begin using single-target Water spells for low-to-moderate damage and then do some single-target Cyclones for moderate-to-high damage. Watch your characters' HP, as early in the game most characters may not survive two of his attacks back-to-back.

When Heckran goes into his defensive stance (“Go ahead! Try and attack!”), attacking him will trigger a powerful party-wide Water 2 spell that is best avoided. Use this time to heal up if you need to. Watch for the battle message “Brief counterattack break.” Once this pops up, you're good to attack him again, even if he doesn't appear to have disengaged from his stance yet.

Boss Randomization

Vanilla Boss Randomized? HP Range if Rust Tyrano
Heckran Y 2100 - 3100 3150 - 4150


Heckran Cave Skips

Encounters whose trigger can be avoided by skipping that area, but aren't skippable if you want to pass by them, are marked with *.
# Enemies Location XP TP G Avoid Run
Hench x2
Entrance 300 2 ? No No
Jinn Bottle x1 Octoblush x3
Entrance 250 25 155 No Yes
Tempurite x2
Waterfall Room 150 10 90 Yes Yes
Rolypoly x3
Side Room 150 15 150 No* Yes
Cave Bat x3
Side Room 150 15 120 No* Yes
Tempurite x4
Waterfall Room 300 20 180 No Yes
Rolypoly x4
Below Waterfall Room 200 20 200 No Yes
Cave Bat x3
Below Waterfall Room 150 15 120 Yes Yes
Jinn Bottle x1 Octoblush x3
Entrance 250 25 155 Yes Yes

Treasure Chests

Screenshot Location Tier Type
Entrance Low-Mid Normal
Side room (SE exit of waterfall room) Low-Mid Normal
Waterfall room Low-Mid Normal
Waterfall room Low-Mid Normal
Corridor Sealed Sealed
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