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Tabs are a somewhat-rare treasure found scattered about in Chrono Trigger. There are three types: Power, Magic, and Speed. While the tabs found in treasure chests in vanilla have been randomized (it is still possible to get tabs from chests, but not guaranteed), the ones found as “sparkles” on the ground will always be there, along with a few others. When fed to a player character, they permanently improve the base stat for that character. In vanilla each tab will always improve the stat by 1, but in Jets the Power and Magic tabs are randomized each seed. By default, Power Tabs will give between 2-4 points and Magic Tabs will give between 1-3 points. As of the 3.2 beta, these minimum and maximum values may be adjusted between 1-9.

Listed Tabs

Here are tabs listed by type and method of acquisition. Tabs that are not typically routed into Jets are italicized. Most tabs are acquired individually. Tabs that are “bundled” together are listed in their own section at the bottom of the page.

Power Tabs

Power Tabs improve the character's base power stat by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4. This stat goes into calculations for physical attacks as well as physical Techs. Always remember that Lucca and Marle's physical attacks are based on their Hit stat, and there is NO BENEFIT giving Power Tabs to either character.

Power Tabs found on the ground

  • Beast Nest (12,000 BC): bottom-right corner near entrance
  • Guardia Forest (600 AD): bottom-right section of map, near upper rock
  • Cathedral (600 AD): in the pot in the room with the imprisoned soldiers
  • Sun Keep (600 AD): near the sunny spot
  • Giant's Claw (600 AD): after falling in pit, hit floor switch to open skull, tab is inside
  • Giant's Claw (600 AD): in the tunnel room with a rock chest, descend ladder and go to the right
  • Giant's Claw (600 AD): after falling into jail cell, ascend stairs to the left, tab is upstairs at landing
  • Porre Marketplace (600 AD): left side of room
  • Sunken Desert (600 AD): left side of first room AFTER Retinite is defeated
  • Guardia Forest (1000 AD): upper-right corner of bottom-right section of map
  • Northern Ruins (1000 AD): upstairs on landing, AFTER clearing dungeon in 600 AD
  • Arris Dome (2300 AD): behind the sealed door
  • Geno Dome (2300 AD): upstairs, take upper door, bottom-right corner of hallway
  • Death Peak (2300 AD): entrance, in the crook of the cliff up and right of the Poyozo doll
  • Proto Dome (2300 AD): Gate room, must clear Factory and the tab may appear underneath the Gate

Other Power Tabs

  • Guardia Castle (600 AD): Begin Zenan Bridge sequence, the Cook will give you one with the Key Item

Magic Tabs

Magic Tabs improve the character's base magic stat by a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3. This goes into calculating magical power for Techs. It is worth noting that restorative Techs benefit more from magic power than offensive ones. Any character may benefit from magic tabs (perhaps Ayla least of all, but even she has Kiss and Tail Spin), but healers tend to get more mileage from them.

  • Mt. Woe (12,000 BC): last area before the Giga Gaia fight in the bottom-right corner
  • Ocean Palace (12,000 BC): after riding the elevator down, ride it back up and check the middle of the wall to the left of the doorway
  • Last Village (12,000 BC): AFTER Lavos destroys Zeal, speak to the shop Nu and wait for it to leave the room (if it doesn't after about 15 seconds, leave and re-enter the hut) to grab the tab behind it
  • Magus's Castle (600 AD): left where Flea was standing after he is defeated
  • Magus's Castle (600 AD): after falling into the basement through Ozzie's trap doors, in the bottom-right corner of the room
  • Ozzie's Fort (600 AD): in the secret room with several treasure chests
  • Medina Village (1000 AD): on the upstairs counter in the Elder's house
  • Northern Ruins (1000 AD): in the room with Cyrus's grave
  • Trann Dome (2300 AD): to the left of the treasure chests behind the sealed door
  • Geno Dome (2300 AD): in the secret passage behind the conveyor belt
  • Geno Dome (2300 AD): bottom-right corner of the “cage” upstairs with the wall switch characters jump to reach

Other Magic Tabs

  • Kajar (12,000 BC): visit the Nu in Zeal Palace, then return to the lab in Kajar and scratch the Nu's back
  • Denadoro Mountains (600 AD): speak with the “Mountains're nice” Kilwala four times
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Frog form
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Kilwala form
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Goblin form
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Omnicrone form

Speed Tabs

Speed Tabs increase a character's speed by 1. Because the lowest base Speed in Jets of Time is 8 and the maximum value is 16, Speed Tabs aren't given a random buff. Many players consider them to be the most valuable tab type.

  • Kajar (12,000 BC): bottom-right corner of the lab, it can be seen through a window in the upper-right corner of the main area
  • Denadoro Mountains (600 AD): descend two ladders after the save point, it is directly to the left of the second ladder
  • Medina Village (1000 AD): first floor of the Elder's house on the kitchen counter
  • West Cape (1000 AD): behind Toma's grave
  • Geno Dome (2300 AD): beneath the Poyozo doll behind the locked door, go out of range and return for the Speed Tab

Tab Sets

  • Enhasa (12,000 BC): open the secret room and battle the 6 Nus to win a Magic Tab and a Speed Tab
  • Dorino (600 AD): in the Cathedral, get the Naga-ette Bromide from the storage room, then bring it to the old man in Dorino and trade it for one of each tab
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Masamune form for one of each tab
  • End of Time: defeat Spekkio's Nu form for one of each tab
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