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Jets of Time Wiki Conventions

This page lists standards of language & formatting followed by the Jets of Time wiki. Nothing here is meant to devalue anyone's personal opinion of the contents of Chrono Trigger; all of these judgements are neutral guidelines to help keep things readable and organized.


Jets of Time is based on the US SNES release of Chrono Trigger and the wiki should use the names and language that are reflected in this version UNLESS they were changed for Jets of Time. The purpose of this is not to take any stance on which translations of the game are better or worse, but for the sake of clarity.

This means (for example) one should always write “Crono” when referring to the character (even if his name was intended to be “Chrono”), and his penultimate weapon is the “Shiva Edge,” not the “Suzaku.”

Character Order

Chrono Trigger uses what we'll call the displayed character order, which is the order your player characters are lined up - for example - at the bottom of a shopping screen. This order is Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus. This wiki prefers the displayed character order when listing the characters (or their equipment, techs, etc).

Redundant Information

This wiki's policy on redundancy is that the same information may and should appear on several pages if it is relevant to all of them. However, the information should only be written on the wiki in one place (decide which page it is most relevant to) and then posted on other pages via includes. This way, when the information changes, it need only be edited once and the change will be reflected on every page on which it appears.

Entire pages that become redundant (completely replaced by another page) should be tagged so (see alerts) to mark them for review and deletion.

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