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Vanilla Rando Mode

Vanilla Rando is a mode which restores enemy and player stats to their vanilla levels while keeping the core Jets of Time logic. There are the the following notable exceptions.

Logic Changes:

  • The Tools are a key item and are used to repair the Northern Ruins. Interacting with Cyrus's grave with Frog in the party will gain a Key Item. There is no stat boost for Frog as there is in standard Jets of Time.
  • The clone game in Norstein Bekkler's tent will reward a key item if the player has obtained the C. Trigger.
  • The Robo's Ribbon is out of the key item pool. Instead, defeating the boss of Geno dome will reward Robo with +3 speed and +10 mdef as in vanilla.
  • Vanilla endgame dungeons ((Giant’s Claw, Sunken Desert, and King’s Trial) are logically gated behind Mt. Woe Access (gate key or pendant).

Stat Changes:

  • XP/TP gain are doubled from vanilla (requirements are halved).
  • Many accessories are unsellable in vanilla, and the default Jets of Time price is used.
  • Nizbel is essentially unkillable without lightning magic in vanilla. He will take 50% damage from all sources until shocked. Note that this differs from the standard jets alteration where Nizbel will take full damage from magic even when not shocked.

With these changes, there will be two more key item spots than key items. The key item spots without a key item will have a piece of gear which scales with the difficulty of the spot. Vanilla Rando is compatible with all flags except for boss scaling and those which alter techs such as Tackle On-Hit Effects and Use Anti-life (see flags).

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